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Dec 18

Over a meter of snow!

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brock It has snowed more in the past 3 days than the whole of last season. The current situation is incredible and we may be reaching nearly two meters of fresh snow in our part of Switzerland. The lifts were able to partially open today in Leysin and mostly in les Mosses. Skiers and snowboarders were able to experience some epic riding!!!

Dec 16

Update 16-12-2011

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weatherdecember1 This time, winter has arrived! It has been snowing non-stop above 1500 meters and on and off in the the village of Leysin. The accumulation of snow above 1500 meters is important and the conditions are reaching perfection. Starting this Saturday December 17th, the resorts of Leysin - Les Mosses - La Lécherette will be fully open for skiing for the entire season (100 km)!

Dec 08

Ski Slopes Open this Weekend

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firstsnowblog The first major snowfall of the season took place these past days and has allowed us to go check the mountain out and see how much was there. Surprisingly, there was enough for us to tour from the village up to the summit. Skiing down was also quite good until half way down.

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